Isolina Mallon Interiors is a full service interior design firm, focused on creating modern and contemporary interior spaces that are elegant, vibrant, and livable. 

Isolina Mallon founded the company with a vision to bring her European design roots to residential and commercial design.

Isolina Mallon Interiors helps clients to achieve a personalized, cohesive look that reflects their individual aesthetic and functions for their unique lifestyle. 

Our signature interiors are modern, clean, comfortable, and beautiful, with a wide knowledge of styles and materials that allow us to design eclectic and cohesive personalized spaces to create a home that is uniquely yours.

We view the design process as a collaboration between the homeowner and the designer and are committed to making the final product stylish, functional, and affordable.

Our mission is to bring modern design to your home.

Space is our canvas. Our passion is giving life to it.
Commitment and communication are key in every relationship, and these are two of our most important values. We are experts at turning ideas into experiences. 

The best knowledge of new and old materials and styles, together with the study of every client's taste, is what makes an Interior Design project successful.

We design to live better!

You can take also take a look at a selection of our projects in our Portfolios.